Photo Re-touching          

Do you have some pictures that are fantastic *except* for those horrible red eyes, or an ugly fence post, or some other picture ruining flaw? The experts at J. Marc Designs can help! Pricing varies based on the quantity of pictures we are editing, what we are editing, and the work involved (simple red-eye removal can be as low as $0.25 per picture). Contact us today for a quote!

Below are examples of just some of the work we have done for clients in the past, shared with their permission. Click on them to enlarge.

In this picture we removed red-eye from every person, corrected the colors, removed the orange dot on the left woman's hand, and removed the flash in the window, across the faces and the reflections in the window    In this picture we removed red-eye, corrected the colors, and removed the flash in the background and flash lines across the face.    In this picture we removed the coral in front of the lobster and corrected the colors to give a more accurate representation of the subject.
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